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Is Magufuli the right man, or wait one after?



A good number of my fellow citizens are struggling to keep their head above water as tough financial times continue. These people are complaining for life hardships. They complained during Ali Hassan Mwinyi, kept the same while Benjamin Mkapa got in power, just like that when Jakaya Kikwete sat at our State House, Magogoni. Now here is Dk. John Magufuli, the story is very similar. Our staff writer SIMON MKINA looks on who is to rescue and stop moans?  Read on.

I like the writings of one of the best thinkers, Nicholas Kristof, of the United States of America, a renowned author, who was contributing to The New York Times twice a week.

He proved to be one of the icons that I have been admiring, respect and above all, value him a lot as the best editor, just like my other media icons; my newspaper don – the late Farayi Munyuki, the first black editor in Zimbabwe, Johnson Mbwambo, Ndimara Tegambwage, Salva Rweyemamu (before he was presidential appointee, of course) and many others in Tanzania.

These giants in our local media, and Kristof deserves admiration from all sharp and smart people who cuddles no nonsense no matter what.

In mid-May 2008, Kristof wrote about Africa, asserting that it is a continent with a glittering future and sited Rwanda and Benin as exemplary countries when it comes to tangible development aspects. He was right, but not very right.

He said Rwanda has reinforced all the worst stereotypes of Africa: Wretchedly poor, torn apart by a civil war and seemingly destined to be an international basket case forever.

Yes, Rwanda now is that nice country that has peace, and a shining economy. Rwanda is now clean, safe and enjoying economic growth more than twice as fast as the US or Europe.

To me, the only problem with Rwanda, as I see it is the decision of President Paul Kagame to preserve bones of those who were killed in the massacre of 1994, in a macabre museum. To me, this is the action that can stir up another bout of killings because as human beings, every one of us feels irrationally angry when coming across killers of our kin and kith.

I beg you Mr President (Kagame), it is now high time you buried all the bones as a sign of forgetting the massacre forever. Do it Kagame.

                                            Yes, Rwanda now is that nice country that has peace, and a shining economy.

We all know that in the early 1960s, most of African countries were richer than Asia. Many economists expected Africa to zoom far ahead of Asia. Back then, the World Bank named a group of African countries that it projected to grow at 7 per cent annually. 

Instead, Africa drove over a cliff. Of those countries with good data, one-third now have lower per capita incomes than they did at independence (in the 1960s), and the five worst performing economies in the world from 1960 to 2001 were all in Africa!

What went wrong? The reasons were that Africa was not well governed and that it was torn apart by wars, grand corruption (ufisadi), nepotism and all the evils that go with politics and power gluttony.

Those were the brainchild of greedy politicians, who most of the times love to deliver sweet speeches on platforms while the truth is that they do not know what to do to implement what they are preaching. We have many of them, when the audience claps for them they go home with big heads. This is totally unbecoming.

Despite our enormous natural resources, Tanzania, our mother country, has the disadvantage of starting from the bottom rung — per capita income is a mere 260 US dollars. The country is ranked among the world's 10 poorest nations with half of the population living on less than one dollar a day, and 16 per cent of those in abject poverty line on less than half a dollar.

Is there anyone feeling pity seeing their fellow countryman dying from hunger, seeing him without shelter as some big shots out there had decided to demolish their houses to pave the way for a mansion of a tycoon. Is President John Magufuli the one we expected, or should we anticipate the one after him? When? Who will that be? Under which constitution?

This is ridiculous for our people to swim in poverty while we are blessed with a lot of gold reserves; diamonds, copper, coal, hard working people, but we are victims of poorly implemented policies. 

We do not have Tanzania leaders who can come up with relevant organizations and policies or plans that can give us an equivalent of what has been done in Singapore to stand where it is today. Singapore is a totally different story; it has developed thrice as much now, while we were all sailing in the very same boat some 50 years ago.

                                                                               There is nobody who will rescue us, but ourselves.

We want our leaders, under President Magufuli’s points – to know what we need to get out of the mess and poverty; each of us can contribute, but they are the ones who fail us.

We need to stand on our own feet and not on goodwill of the West who, in real sense, are not helping us for free. Trust me, there is no free lunch to offer to anyone, we are not their uncles and aunties. There is nobody who will rescue us, but ourselves.

Some years ago, I remember to had copy of Twaweza, of a  well innovative idea; calendars with distribution of different pictures of famous people in Tanzania on the cover and asking if any one of those will  change anything for better while we all sit back and relax.

On the calendar, there were a lot of famous presidents, artistes, rich, philanthropists and other global icons, but only one box was empty. This vacant box needs one to put his/her picture and ‘check’ who will be coming to rescue from poverty.

No way, the only man (and woman, of course) to rescue you from difficulties, including poverty is only you.

Tanzanians, take charge!

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Watumishi wa afya 200 kupatiwa mafunzo ya utoaji dawa ya usingizi kuokoa maisha wajawazito



Kufuatia upungufu wa wataalamu wa dawa za usingizi (anaesthesia), serikali itatoa mafunzo ya dawa za usingizi kwa watumishi wa afya 200 katika vituo vya afya vya upasuaji wa dharura kwa akina mama wajawazito.

Hatua hiyo inakuja ikiwa imepita miezi 6 baada ya Chuo Kikuu cha Afya na Sayansi Shirikishi Muhimbili (MUHAS) kutangaza kuanza kutoa shahada ya dawa ya usingizi (Bsc. Anaesthesia Nursing).

Katika taarifa iliyotolewa na Kitengo cha Mawasiliano serikalini cha Wizara ya Afya, Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia, Wazee na Watoto, inaeleza kuwa mafunzo hayo yatatolewa sambamba na uboreshaji wa huduma ya upasuaji wa dharura kwa wajawazito ili kuokoa maisha ya wanawake na watoto ambao hufariki kwa kosa huduma muhimu za uzazi kwenye vituo vya afya.

“Mkakati wa kuhakikisha huduma za afya kwa akina mama wajawazito zinakuwa salama na uhakika kwa kuandaa rasilimali watu, miundombinu ya majengo na vifaa vitakavyowezesha huduma hizi ikiwemo upasuaji wa dharura kwa akina mama wajawazito wakati wa kujifungua,” imeeleza taarifa hiyo.

Kwa mujibu wa takwimu za Wizara ya Afya, vifo 556 vitokanavyo na uzazi kwa kila viumbe hai 100,000 huripotiwa kila mwaka katika maeneo mbalimbali nchini. Maana yake ni kwamba watoto na wajawazito hufariki hasa wakati wa mama akijifungua.

Aidha, serikali itaboresha vituo vya afya 288 vya serikali vilivyopo nchini ili kuviwezesha kutoa huduma ya dharura ya upasuaji kwa wajawazito ambapo waaguzi katika vituo hivyo watapatiwa mafunzo ya dawa za usingizi ili kuokoa maisha ya akina mama na watoto wachanga.

Utekelezaji wa mafunzo hayo ni matokeo ya ushirikiano wa Wizara ya Afya na Mfuko wa Pamoja wa Afya ambapo zaidi ya sh1,079 bilioni zimepatikana kufakisha mafunzo hayo ya dawa ya usingizi kwa wauguzi na matabibu waliopo kwenye vtuo vya afya nchini.

“Fedha hizo zitasomesha watumishi wapatao 200, kati ya watumishi hao 100 watapata mafunzo yao katika Hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili na MOI, watumishi 50 watafanya mafunzo katika hospitali ya KCMC, na 50 watafanya mafunzo hayo kwenye hospitali ya Bugando,” imefafanua taarifa ya wizara.

Lengo la serikali ni kuhakikisha ifikapo 2019 na kabla ya 2020 vituo vyote vya afya vinavyomilikiwa na serikali vinakuwa na watumishi maalum wa kutoa huduma ya dawa ya usingizi kwaajili ya wapasuaji wasiopungua wawili kwa kila kituo.

Mafunzo hayo ya mwaka mmoja ni mpito wakati serikali ikiendelea kukamilisha taratibu za kurasimisha utoaji wa shahada ya kwanza ya kutoa dawa ya usingizi katika Chuo cha MUHAS katka mwaka huu wa 2018/2019.

Hali halisi ya huduma ya dawa za usingizi nchini
Takwimu za wizara ya Afya zinaonyesha kuwa kuna upungufu mkubwa wa madaktari wenye utaalamu wa kutoa dawa ya usingizi hasa wakati wa huduma ya upasuaji ambapo kwa sasa waliopo ni asilimia 1.2 tu ya mahitaji yote.

Ili kuweza kukidhi mahitaji yote ya huduma hiyo wanahitajika madaktari 2000, lakini waliopo sasa ni madaktari 30 pekee.

Kufuatia changamoto hiyo Januari 31, mwaka huu wadau mbalimbali wa afya na elimu walikutana na kujadili namna ya kuondoa changamoto hiyo na kupendekeza mtaala utakaotumika kufundishia kozi ya Aesthesia kabla ya kuupeleka kwa Tume ya Vyuo Vikuu Nchini (TCU).

” Ni kweli kumekuwepo kwa changamoto hiyo ya watalaamu wa dawa hizo lakini sasa mpango huu ukikamilika maana yake tutaongeza idadi ya madaktari kamili maana hawa waliopo wengi ni wale ambao wamesoma kozi kwa mwaka mmoja au miwili.

” Mafunzo yakianza kutolewa hapa chuoni Muhimbili wataweza kuchukua wanafunzi 200, Bugando 50 na KCMC 50 jambo ambalo litaongeza idadi kubwa ya watalaamu ili kuweza kufikia lengo letu la kuwa na wataalamu 2000 nchi nzima,” alinukuliwa Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Afya, Jinsia, Wazee na Watoto, Dk Mpoki Ulisubisya.

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Waziri Mkuu Majaliwa: Hatutangazi nyongeza ya mshahara hadharani kuepusha athari kwa jamii



Waziri Mkuu, Kassim Majaliwa ameweka wazi kuwa serikali haitatangaza nyongeza ya mishahara kwa watumishi wa umma hadharani ili kuepusha athari kwa jamii ikiwemo kupanda kwa bei ya bidhaa.

Akizungumza leo Bungeni wakati akijibu swali la Mbunge wa viti maalumu (CHADEMA), Susan Lymo ambaye alitaka kufahamu kwanini Serikali imewanyima au imeshindwa kuwalipa watumishi wa umma nyongeza ya mishahara ambayo ni haki yao ya msingi kulingana na miaka waliyokaa kazini.

Akijibu swali la Mbunge huyo, Waziri Mkuu Majaliwa amesema Serikali ina utaratibu wa kutoa nyongeza ya mishahara kwa watumishi wake lakini haitangazi kwa wananchi wote kama ambavyo imekuwa ikifanyika kwenye sherehe za wafanyakazi za Mei Mosi kila mwaka.

Amesema Serikali ikitangaza mishahara hadharani inaweza kusababisha usumbufu kwa watu wasio watumishi wa umma na inaweza kupandisha bei ya bidhaa na kuathiri mwenendo wa mahitaji ya wananchi sokoni.

Nyongeza za mishahara ambazo zinatangazwa hadharani, mara nyingi zina athari yake sio kwamba Serikali haikusudii kutoa nyongeza ya mshahara kwa mwaka, lakini unapotumia Mei Mosi kutangaza nyongeza ya mshahara unaleta athari kwenye jamii kwasababu vitu vinaweza vikapanda bei, vikawasumbua hata na wananchi ambao hawalipwi mshahara,” amesema Waziri Mkuu.

Amebainisha kuwa siyo lazima Serikali itangaze hadharani kila inapoongeza mishahara kwa watumishi wa umma lakini ifahamike kuwa Serikali ina utaratibu wake mzuri wa kuboresha stahiki za wafanyakazi wake kila mwaka.

Suala la nyongeza ya mishahara liko Serikalini na Mhe Rais ameishawahakikishia wafanyakazi atawaongeza mishahara na sio lazima litangazwe hadharani. Mshahara ni suala la mtu binafsi hata ukiongezwa leo kuwa tumeitangaza leo tumeongeza mshahara kwa kiwango hiki. Ukifanya hivi tayari umeleta kupanda kwa gharama’” amebainisha Waziri Mkuu.

Ameongeza kuwa mkakati wa Serikali ni kupunguza gharama za mahitaji kwenye masoko ili kuzuia mfuko wa bei za bidhaa.

Hata hivyo, Waziri Mkuu Mjaliwa amesema Serikali inaendelea kufanya sensa ya watumishi wote nchi nzima na zoezi hilo likikamilika itaboresha nyongeza ya mwaka, nyongeza ya mishahara na upandishaji wa madaraja.

Awali katika swali lake, Mbunge Lyima amesema Serikali inakiuka Sheria ya Utumishi wa Umma ya kuwapatia watumishi stahiki zao na kuwapunguzia motisha ya kufanya kazi kwa ufanisi katika maeneo yao ya kazi na kuathiri mafao baada ya kustaafu.

Hoja ya Mbunge huyo ni muendelezo wa malalamiko ya watumishi dhidi ya Serikali kwamba hawajapata stahiki zao tangu ilipoanza zoezi la ukakiki wa watumishi wa umma mwaka 2015. Katika zoezi hilo watumishi zaidi ya 9,000 walibainika kutokukidhi vigezo vya utumishi na hivyo kuondolewa kazini.

Huenda kauli aliyoitoa Waziri Mkuu leo Bungeni inaweza ikatofautiana na ile ya Rais John Magufuli aliyoitoa wakati wa sherehe za Mei Mosi, 2018 mijini Iringa ambapo alinukuliwa akisema hawezi kutoa nyongeza ya mishahara akidai Serikali haina fedha.

Kwangu mimi ninafikiria hizi pesa tunazotoa kwa ajili ya elimu bure ni nzuri kuliko fedha hizo kuzipeleka kuongezea mishahara, naona bora kuwapa mikopo wanafunzi wa vyuo vikuu kuliko kuongezea wafanyakazi mishahara,

Nikisema nitaongeza hizo pesa mimi nitazitoa wapi? naogopa kusema uongo. Hata mimi napenda kupandishiwa mshahara lakini kwa hali halisi ya sasa hivi lazima niwaeleze ukweli,” alinukuliwa Rais Magufuli.

Hata hivyo alibainisha kuwa kabla ya kuondoka madarakani ataboresha maslahi ya wafanyakazi wa umma, “Nawaahidi, kipindi changu cha urais hakitaisha kabla sijapandisha mishahara kwa wafanyakazi, kupandisha kwangu haitakuwa kwa shilingi elfu kumi, itakuwa ni kupandisha kwelikwel.”

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Maaskofu KKKT wapewa siku 10 kufuta waraka



Serikali imetoa siku 10 kwa Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri Tanzania (KKKT), kuufuta kwa maandishi waraka wao waliotuoa Machi 24 mwaka huu na kisha kuujulisha Umma kwa njia mbalimbali walizotumia kuusambaza.

Kanisa la KKKT kupitia Baraza lake la Maaskofu lilitoa waraka uliopewa jina la ‘Taifa Letu Amani Yetu’ wakati wa Pasaka ambao mbali na masuala ya kiroho, ulibainisha mambo kadhaa yanayogusa mstakabali wa taifa.

Katika mitandao ya kijamii leo imesambazwa barua yenye kumbukumbu no. SO.748/25 inayoonyesha imeandikwa na Ofisi ya Msajili wa Vyama Wizara ya Mambo ya Ndani kwenda kwa Mwenyekiti /askofu Mkuu wa KKKT iliyoandikwa Mei 30, 2018 ikitoa maelekezo ya kufutwa waraka huo ndani ya siku 10 tangu ilipoandikwa barua hiyo.

Ikiwa na kichwa cha habari ‘Ujumbe wa Baraza la Maaskofu wa KKKT’ barua hiyo inaeleza baraza hilo halitambuliki kisheria katika ofisi ya msajili.

“Unaelekezwa kuufuta waraka husika kwa maandishi na kuujulisha umma kuwa taasisi yako haikuwa na haina uwezo kisheria kufanya kile mlichokifanya. Maandishi hayo yaufikie umma wa Watanzania kwa kupitia vyombo vya habari na njia zingine zilezile zilizotumika kuufikisha waraka ule mliouita ‘Ujumbe wa Baraza la Maaskofu KKKT’.

Hata hivyo, barua hiyo imetoa onyo kali kwa taasisi hiyo dini nchi kutekeleza agizo mara moja la sivyo itachukuliwa hatua za kisheria.

“Maelekezo haya yatekelezwe ndani ya siku kumi tangu kupokea kwa barua hii vinginevyo hatua kali zaidi za kisheria zitachukuliwa dhidi ya taasisi hii,” inasema barua hiyo.

Ikumbukwe kuwa  waraka huo ulisainiwa na maaskofu 27 wa kanisa hilo nchini na kutaja baadhi ya mambo hayo kuwa ni pamoja na utekaji, utesaji, kupotea kwa watu, mashambulizi ya silaha dhidi ya viongozi wa kisiasa, mauaji yenye mwelekeo wa kiitikadi, vitisho, ubambikiziaji wa kesi, na matumizi mabaya ya vyombo vya dola dhidi ya hali ya kijamii na kiuchumi, maisha ya siasa, na masuala mtambuka likiwamo suala la Katiba Mpya.

Waraka uliongeza pia kwamba uhuru wa kujieleza, kutoa na kupokea habari umeendelea kutoweka nchini huku ukionya kubanwa na hatimaye kuelekea kupungua kwa uhuru wa Bunge, Mahakama, na Tume ya Uchaguzi, ukisema hatua hii ni pamoja na kudhoofishwa kwa serikali za Mitaa.

Lakini kabla ya KKKT kutoa waraka wao, Kanisa Katoliki nalo lilitoa waraka kama huo likionya baadhi ya mambo ikiwemo uminywaji wa misingi ya demokrasia ya vyama vingi na uhuru wa kujieleza.

Baada ya kusambaa kwa waraka huo, yalijitokeza mambo mengi ikiwemo kutofautiana na kwa mawazo ya wananchi kuhusu wajibu wa viongozi wa dini katika kutoa ushauri, kuonya au kukemea pale mambo yanapoenda mrama.

Waziri Mkuu, Kassim Majaliwa akiwa na Maaskofu wa KKKT

Hata hivyo, barua hiyo imepokelewa kwa hisia tofauti na watumiaji wa mitandao ya kijamii ikizingatiwa kuwa suala hilo lilijadiliwa na kupita, iweje linaibuka tena wakati huu ambapo kuna utulivu na yale mambo waliyoyapigia kelele na maaskofu  yamepungua ikiwemo kuteswa, kupotea kwa watu na vitisho dhidi ya viongozi wa kisiasa.


Wananchi bado wanawaamini viongozi wa dini

Wadau mbalimbali wa masuala ya kijamii wamesema kama kweli barua hiyo imetolewa na serikali, inaweza kuchochea taharuki zaidi kwa waumini wa kanisa hilo na wananchi kwasababu linagusa moja kwa moja imani zao.

Amebainisha kuwa bado waumini wengi wana imani na viongozi wao dini na kwamba yale wanayotamka yanakuwa na nia njema kwa jamii yao. Na katika muktadha huo serikali inapaswa kuwa makini ili kuepusha matatizo zaidi yanayoweza kutokea.

Akizungumza na FikraPevu, Katibu wa Jukwaa la Wahariri Tanzania (TEF), Neville Meena amesema kama serikali ilibaini kuna tatizo kwenye usajili wa Baraza la Maaskofu la KKKT ingekaa na wahusika na kulimaliza kuliko kujitokeza hadharani na kuendeleza jambo ambalo limepita.

“Mimi namwamini Mungu kuliko serikali na viongozi wangu wa dini hasa Maaskofu. Hivyo serikali inapaswa kuwa makini na mambo yanayogusa imani za watu. Katika hili walipaswa kutafakari sana jinsi ya kushughulika nalo. Vinginevyo halina afya kwa ustawi wa taifa letu,” amesema Meena.

Amesema Maaskofu walitimiza wajibu wao wa kuonya kabla mambo hayajaharibika na serikali inapaswa kuyafanyika kazi yale yalyotajwa kwenye waraka au kukaa kimya ili kuepusha migongano isiyo na faida kwa taifa.

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